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Hi-Def Tape To Video File Conversions

Convert your Hi-Def tapes to HD Video Computer Files. Hi-Def tape has been around since the late 1990’s, when Sony’s D5 machine was rolled out. This was the start of the then new 16X9 format which all new Hi-Def Televisions sets were. There are a lot of archival tapes still around from the past 15 years or more. Today many televison networks still run HD tape straight to air, although more and more of the programming is airing straight from a video file that was output from an edited master. Soon all video tape will be obsolete except for storage of old footage, and programs. We can convert any of your hi-def tapes to files such as Quicktime .mov files, using a codec such as Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 or 10 bit uncompressed. We can also digitize the 4:4:4 format as well.
Here is a list of the Hi-Def Formats we can handle for your digital file conversion needs

  • D5
  • DVC Pro HD

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