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Why Transfer Video Tape to Digital File?

There are several reasons to transfer video tape to digital file. First video tape, especially old video tape formats such as VHS, Hi-8, or mini DV are slowly, constantly degrading. As time go by the magnetic particles on the tape begin to fall away leading to deterioration of the image.
Upon digitization image degradation ceases. That is because computers use only zeros and ones in their binary code which cannot change.
Another reason to transfer tape to files is that you can make unlimited copies on any computer which will also never be lowered in quality even If you make copies from a copy. This is not possible in any tape format except professional digital video, but you cannot copy those easily or cheaply as you can with a file.
As virtually all video tape formats are now obsolete, (with the exception of High Definition professional video such as HDCAM SR) the machines that you need to play tape are no longer made and will become harder to find and maintain as time goes by. Computers are here to stay. With HDMI that is now available on all computers and television sets you can watch any file by just connecting your computer to television.
Finally if you are interested in editing any video tape you must digitize to file first and then use a computer editing program such as Final Cut Pro, or others such as windows movie maker. You may have old unedited footage which you may want to cut out some of the uninteresting spots to make a better presentation.
We are available to transfer any tape format you may have into a quicktime (.mov) file that can be used on either PC or Mac. Please contact us if we can be of help.